Put a Strategic TECHNOLOGY Partner on Your Leadership Team

Chief Information Office (CIO) is an important role in any business, and Grassi’s virtual CIO solutions can fill it for a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Limited budgets prevent many organizations from hiring a leader of technology services. With decades of experience, Grassi’s team of former CIOs and IT professionals can be that strategic guide, developing and implementing your IT strategy, controlling costs, and optimizing your business processes.

Our outsourced CIO solutions are customized to your organization’s level of need and deliver benefits such as:

  • Technology leadership and oversight
  • Deep knowledge of business operations tied into IT strategies
  • Project management expertise
  • Cost savings strategies to drive ROI

Cost Management

The job of IT leaders is not only to innovate and manage technology infrastructure, but also to help businesses gain new process efficiencies and cost savings. To achieve this goal, our CIO Services include continuous review of business processes and their enhancements. Our consultants will also track your IT expenditure, calculate ROI and manage your technology budget.

  • Business Process Enhancements
  • Cost Savings Calculations
  • IT Expense Monitoring
  • IT Vendor Relationship Management

IT Strategy Matters

Every industry today is being driven by automation, artificial intelligence and connectivity. Every company must develop an appropriate IT strategy to remain competitive and accomplish its business objectives.

To be most effective, this strategy must not only facilitate your business’s vision, but also foresee disruption. As agents of positive disruption, our priority is not only to make you aware of industry evolution, but also to provide innovative solution at every stage.