Find your place at Grassi

At Grassi, we are united by a common entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative environment that drive us forward as a team. At the same time, we appreciate the unique differences and strengths that each individual brings to the table.

From entry-level up, Grassi employees are encouraged to forge their own career paths, while committing just as passionately to their personal lives and communities. In and out of the office, Grassi creates opportunities to strengthen team relationships, give back to the community and celebrate the diversity of Team Grassi.

Our team regularly participates in group charitable initiatives that support organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, Autism Speaks, Long Island Cares and many of Grassi’s own nonprofit clients.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and Grassi Women’s Council organize events throughout the year to bring the firm together for open dialogue and awareness of global diversity issues.


Individually, our team members are much more than numbers. Together, our numbers speak for themselves.