In and out of court, we protect your business from economic loss

Grassi’s forensic accounting, litigation support, valuation, and intellectual property professionals help improve financial outcomes when clients experience fraud, litigation, commercial damages and other risks for economic loss.

Our fraud prevention and remediation investigators bring transparency, protection and cost savings to companies as they face heightened responsibility and scrutiny for the actions of individual executives, employees and related parties.

Litigators count on Grassi’s experienced quantitative consultants to provide meaningful financial analysis and expert witness testimony in complex disputes.

Our highly credentialed Valuation professionals also step in to provide an accurate value of your business and estate based on all economic, industry and competitive factors.

Grassi’s Intellectual Property experts use financial and economic analyses to protect, monetize and value your intellectual property. We are on your side in all matters involving the infringement of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and the misappropriation of trade secrets.