Regain control of your manufacturing company’s many moving parts

When manufacturing or distributing your products, any area of overlooked risk or inefficiency can have a ripple effect on your organization’s entire operational flow and outcomes.

Grassi’s Manufacturing & Distribution accounting professionals can provide confidence that your company is operating at peak performance and profitability. Through our depth of experience with domestic and international operations, lean principles, inventory management, technology and data analytics, tax savings strategies and more, we guide business owners from start-up to succession – and help maximize their growth in between.

Our M&D specialists advise businesses across the industry, with a focus on the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, aerospace & defense, transportation & shipping and building materials sub-sectors. Grassi actively contributes guidance and support to the industry’s leading associations, including the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and Manufacturing Services Association (MSA).

By the Numbers

The expertise of our dedicated Manufacturing & Distribution professionals is unmatched. Grassi’s commitment to the industry is emphasized by our years of service and the experiences of our clients.