count your way to cost savings and confidence

For manufacturers, inventory quantity on hand is one of the most important – and elusive – numbers in their business. Always changing and highly susceptible to fraud and error, true inventory quantity on hand is often not discovered until the annual inventory observation.

Full inventory observations are costly and disruptive to business and often expose problems after the damage is done without ever getting to the root of the problem.  With Grassi assisting management with the implementation of a best practice cycle count process, you will have a proactive, accurate, and real-time look at your inventory that will alert you to any issues before it’s too late.

Our customized packages include guidance on proactive monitoring, training, and advisory services to prevent inventory inaccuracies that can lead to stockouts or backlog of sales orders, longer lead times, and customer dissatisfaction.

Phase I: Gap Analysis

  • Evaluation of current inventory control procedures
  • Comparison of current procedures to industry best practices
  • Identification of inefficiencies and root causes of inventory inaccuracies

Phase II: Recommendations

  • Recommendations and planning to improve inventory control environment and assistance with execution
  • Development of a reporting structure for ongoing inventory control

Phase III: Monitoring & Training

  • Participation in first 3-6 cycle counts and monitoring of team performance
  • Training of staff members to conduct root-cause analysis and adopt a “continuous improvement” mindset
  • Training of staff members on manual cycle count procedures (or scanning equipment, if available)

All phases are led by our team of former CFOs and Controllers who have had direct in-line responsibility for establishing and maintaining controls and driving continuous improvements at manufacturing entities. Your advisor will remain available to reassess cycle count processes as your business grows and new product offerings are added.