Culture of Acceptance

Grassi developed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program to maintain and support a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. We understand the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, where our employees can reach their full potential, and where individual differences and views are valued. Our team organizes events throughout the year to bring the firm together for open dialogue and awareness of global diversity issues.

Grassi is proud to share our belief in a culture of acceptance:

At Grassi, we are proud to provide Strength in Certainty. We strive to foster an environment for all to feel included, accepted and supported in our firm. We commit to providing resources and education to our employees, increasing awareness, and ensuring that our team members genuinely feel accepted in the workplace. Grassi welcomes unique perspectives and experiences of our clients and employees, and we are driven to promote a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, where individuals can thrive personally and professionally.”

Awards & Recognitions

  • Ranked #10 in the 2025 Best Accounting Firms for Overall Diversity, Racial & Ethnic Diversity and Diversity for Women by Vault
  • Best companies to work for | Best Accounting Firms for Diversity |
  • Grassi’s DEI and ESG teams accepted the Corporate Social Responsibility award at the Corporate Citizenship & State of the Not-for-Profit Industry event, hosted by Long Island Business News.

Grassi Women’s Council: Developing & Supporting Women

The Grassi Women’s Council (GWC) mission is to strengthen the personal and professional development of all women at the firm. Each day, we work to foster an environment that promotes and supports diversity and inclusion for all employees.  We actively encourage the advancement of women through mentorship, networking and education. We are dedicated to developing leaders through essential connections within our firm and building inclusive teams. Our vision is to accelerate the success of the women at Grassi by empowering employees to act as leaders and supporting them during each phase of their careers.

GWC has been a great way to connect with women across different practice areas of the firm.  We work together to highlight and share content on topics important to everyone but especially women.  We share leadership strategies, plan events, and celebrate the accomplishments of the women within Grassi, as well as our clients.” – Michelle Schneider, CPA, Tax Principal

“Being a part of the GWC has allowed me to connect to so many of my fellow female colleagues, who each bring their own unique identity, leadership skills, and stories with them to our meetings and events.  Learning from each of these women over the last few years has been inspiring and thought-provoking, and I’m constantly in awe of the intelligence and compassion these women bring to the table.  It’s been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, and I’m so excited to see what else we can achieve together!” – Vanessa Gordan, CPA, Audit Principal

Working Parents Network: It Takes a Village

Grassi’s Working Parents Network (WPN) is designed to connect, encourage and support Grassi’s working parents and provide an inclusive and supportive workplace for all caretakers. This internal employee resource group offers peer support and a safe space for learning and sharing insights. Monthly meetings connect parents of all ages to celebrate the highs and lows of parenthood through group discussions and curated activities. The WPN is excited to host the first “Bring Your Child to Work Day” event in 2024.

“Working Parents Network has been a great way for me to connect with my fellow working parents across all Grassi offices. It has given me the opportunity to seek advice from experienced parents and share laughs comparing stories about the toddler phase with new parents. It is refreshing to come together with a group of colleagues to share pictures, “parenting wins” and listen to each other’s concerns without judgement. I always enjoy my time with this group and look forward to what the future holds!” – Jamie Herlihy, SHRM-CP, HR Supervisor