Grow Your Business and Your Tax Savings

As you grow your business, Grassi’s tax advisors ensure you are considering and pursuing all tax incentives, credits and government grants along the way.

Don’t miss out on valuable funds specifically designated for business growth, job creation, professional development, energy-efficient building and more. Our team of tax specialists can help you identify all federal, state and local incentive programs your business is eligible for and help you offset the cost of construction, renovation, salaries and other major business expenses.

Services include:

  • Assessment of eligibility for federal, state and local incentive programs
  • Calculations of projected tax savings and ROI
  • Recommendations based on assessment findings and profit potential
  • Assistance with applications for programs and grants
  • Preparation of tax returns and financial reporting in compliance with program requirements
  • Negotiations with program administrators to maximize value of incentives

Before you open a new location, hire more staff or make other major investments in your business, consult with a Grassi tax advisor to ensure your growth is rewarded with all available incentives.