Your business can be bigger, faster, strongeR

Don’t let operational challenges keep your Manufacturing & Distribution business from reaching its full potential. Give your company a competitive edge with Grassi’s Operational Consulting services.

Delivered by our seasoned M&D advisors, Grassi’s Operation Edge solutions bring performance improvement to the areas of your business that need it the most. The services offerings are tiered to provide your organization with just the right amount of support to achieve your greatest business goals.

Option 1: Strategic Edge

Every Operation Edge package includes an assessment of key operational areas, identification of critical risk scenarios and recommendations for maximizing efficiencies and results in:

  • Marketing, Sales and Revenue
  • Accounting and Finance Functions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Manufacturing, Operations and Production

Option 2: Training Edge

Includes all services in Option 1 with the added value of guidance and coaching from our M&D advisors who will guide you through executing the recommendations uncovered in the Strategic Edge phase.

Option 3: Implementation Edge

Includes all services in Options 1 and 2 and expands your Grassi advisor’s involvement in the execution of the strategic recommendations. Working closely with your management, our M&D specialists will correct operational deficiencies, implement new processes and procedures, and ensure your team is trained and equipped to follow them.

Option 4: Optimization Edge

Includes all services in Options 1 through 3 and extends Grassi’s consulting services into the post-execution phase. Our M&D advisors will continue to monitor your progress and make recommendations to optimize your new operations over time.