Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to

Get more and keep more money in your pocket with Grassi’s Sales Tax Recovery services for the manufacturing industry.

With sales tax rates varying widely by state, city and product type, there is plenty of room for error when calculating and paying your manufacturing company’s sales tax obligations.

Keep more money in your pocket by tapping into the knowledge and experience of Grassi’s Manufacturing and Distribution professionals. Our Sales Tax Recovery services are designed specifically to help manufacturers identify and correct areas of sales tax overpayment.

Grassi’s Sales Tax Recovery specialists evaluate your sales tax payments risk-free. If we don’t find you a refund, you don’t pay.

Tax laws change and get more complicated by the day, making it challenging for your internal finance staff to conduct this assessment in-house. Grassi steps in to help you:

  • Identify all areas of sales tax overpayment on the state and local levels
  • File for a refund of excess sales tax payments
  • Correct processes to ensure future tax savings continue
  • Keep up with changing sales tax rates and requirements
  • Relieve your internal finance staff from burdensome sales tax review

Grassi’s M&D professionals are highly knowledgeable in sales tax law and will work closely with your internal resources to uncover tax savings and bring your staff up to speed on the latest compliance requirements.