Meet Tyori Wyche

Why did you choose Grassi to start your career?

Starting a new job is always super nerve-wracking; however, after walking into the office my first day at Grassi, that feeling of uncertainty and nervousness went away. A major part of why I ultimately chose to start my career at Grassi is that everyone you work with makes you feel special and important.

What does your typical day at Grassi look like?

As a member of the audit team, I am primarily responsible for reviewing and analyzing client schedules and reports and utilizing them to produce and review financial statements. My favorite part of the job is that team members, clients, and information being reviewed varies with each assigned engagement.

What makes Grassi different?

The firm’s employees are the most important factor in getting work done. Not only does the firm value its employees, but the employees also value each other. I believe that everyone is willing to take the time to help one another and ensure that team members are continuously learning  and, most importantly, that the client will be satisfied with the results of our work. I enjoy coming to work because it allows me to spend time with people that care about the work we are doing as well as caring about me as a person.

What is your favorite part of working at Grassi?

Grassi’s size has fostered an environment that allows for fast growth since everyone has an opportunity to work on major parts of different engagements. I think that coming into work with an open mind and attitude to promote learning has allowed me to develop in such a short period.