On-Demand Webinar – How to Keep Your SNF Sustainable After COVID Relief Ends

Long term care facilities are challenged with ensuring high-quality care with limited resources and a limited pool of qualified workers. As COVID-19 relief comes to an end, there is now added financial and operational pressure for your Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) to meet census and retain and recruit staff.

On March 1, Grassi Healthcare Advisors and Grassi’s Human Resource consultants hosted a live video session discussing best practices and strategies that can be implemented within your SNF to ensure sustainability. Topics of discussion included:

  • Developing a value proposition for your facility
  • Increasing census efforts and strategically aligning them with referrals
  • Creating an environment for workforce retention
  • Utilizing innovative recruitment approaches
  • Cash flow management and planning

Tune in to continue to transform your SNF and define a clear path to sustained financial and operational health.