Kaizen (Rapid Improvement) Lean Manufacturing Training

The Grassi Manufacturing & Distribution Practice is proud to be sponsoring Summit Safety Solutions’, Kaizen (Rapid Improvement) Lean Manufacturing Training, with speaker Eric Ciampoli, Lean Manufacturing Expert and Manufacturing Consultant, on Friday, January 15.

The Kaizen Approach to lean manufacturing calls for all employees within a company to come together to brainstorm ideas and implement daily activities that continuously improve processes. With standardized processes improved, waste decreases and efficiency increases. Kaizen is both action oriented and philosophy driven, physical ideas for improvement must be brought forward to be put into practice, but a work culture that encourages ideas to be shared must also be present.

Learn more about kaizen techniques and how to apply them within your facility.

Date: Friday, January 15
Time: 8:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. EST