NYCON Camp Finance 2023: The Value of People

Grassi’s Nonprofit Practice is proud to sponsor Camp Finance 2023 hosted by the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON).

This two-day retreat taking place at the historic Sagamore Resort will bring together over 250 nonprofit leaders to learn about the latest trends in nonprofit operations and financial management and how to implement them effectively.

Join Nonprofit Practice Leader, David M. Rottkamp, and Nonprofit Senior Manager, Vanessa M. Gordon, for their conference session, Sustainability and Risk Assessment – A must-have combination for Nonprofits, where they will:

  • Outline fundamental nonprofit sustainability challenges and discuss solutions for creating a sustainable nonprofit organization
  • Examine innovative methods to improve financial wellness, including the creation of organizational practices to achieve and maintain financial wellness
  • Discuss how to approach and conduct a risk assessment
  • Outline an Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) program for use by all nonprofit organizations

Make sure to also tune in to David’s panel discussion, Game Show: Top Characteristics of a High Performing Board, where him and other NYCON experts will discuss the characteristics of a high performing board and how you can actively help your board achieve their goals.