Maximizing Nonprofits’ Revenue Potential with Grant Billing Solutions

When it comes to government funds, achieving full expense reimbursement is vital to your nonprofit mission. But it is often impeded by heightened billing requirements, complex contract terms, barriers to contract registration, staff shortages and skill deficiencies.

More than a third of all revenue for U.S. nonprofits comes from government grants and contracts, making this an area of risk your nonprofit can’t afford to ignore. Grassi’s Grant Billing services ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your government billing, lowering the length of time you need to wait for reimbursement of salaries, benefits, program supplies and other previously incurred expenses.

You’ve done the work to secure the grants your organization needs – now make sure you’re receiving every dollar it deserves. Drawing from extensive experience in contract management and accounting process improvement, our nonprofit specialists can support your billing team or manage the entire government billing process from start to finish.