Meet Gina Ferrara

Tell us about your internship experience and how it led to a career at Grassi.

My Grassi journey commenced when I was a junior in college. At the time, I was not sure if taxation was the right path for me, but I was excited to be hired as a tax intern. Little did I know that this would be a life-changing and career-defining experience! I instantly fell in love with the culture, atmosphere and people, who were welcoming and helpful from the start. Additionally, Grassi gave me the exposure I needed to decide that working in tax was the right career path for me. After spending time doing work for a variety of staff at all levels and making friends here, I knew this was not only a place where I wanted to work, but a place I wanted to be! These positive experiences carried right over when I joined as a first-year tax associate in January of 2022. I was able to integrate easily into my new responsibilities.

What does your typical day at Grassi look like?

A few of my responsibilities include return preparation for partnerships, corporations, and individuals, preparing extensions and estimates for clients, tax research and more. Of these, I found that preparing a return for a partnership is one I like the most.

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

The feeling of accomplishment I get after completing work on tax returns is unmatched. This, along with the people I work with, gets me most excited about coming into work. I look forward to all the learning opportunities that Grassi has to offer, and chatting with my coworkers each day. These aspects, plus the fun perks offered, are what make me stay with Grassi!