2022 Nonprofit Survey: Improved Conditions & Ongoing Concerns

New York, N.Y. – October 13, 2022 – Grassi, a leading provider of advisory, tax and accounting services for nonprofit organizations, has revealed the findings of its annual survey of nonprofit leaders in the 2022 Nonprofit Leadership Survey Report.

The survey was conducted this summer to gauge current conditions and outlooks in the nonprofit sector and gather meaningful data to help leaders benchmark and advance their organizations. The questions were developed by members of Grassi’s Nonprofit Practice and fielded by an independent research company.

The survey findings point to both improved conditions and ongoing challenges in a post-pandemic environment, when compared to the 2021 survey results:

  • While hiring freezes and employee layoffs decreased sharply from 2021 to 2022, an increasing number of respondents say that hiring and retaining talent are their greatest challenges.
  • Even after the COVID-19 crisis, more than half of all respondents do not have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.
  • Respondents were much more likely to have a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) policy in place this year.

The 2022 survey also analyzed results by sector and revealed the vastly different environments in which organizations operate, including:

  • While 60% of overall respondents reported insufficient finances to fulfill their mission, this was a much greater concern for arts and culture organizations (90%) than for faith-based organizations (29%).
  • 67% of arts and culture organizations believe their boards reflect the diversity of the populations they serve, as opposed to 17% of healthcare respondents.
  • Healthcare was the only sector to report digital technology among the top three areas of focus.
  • Social services organizations (54%) were twice as likely to have a disaster recovery plan than faith-based organizations (27%).

The findings also include nonprofit leaders’ insights into technology, collaborations, board governance and more. A full copy of the comprehensive benchmarking report can be downloaded here.