Grassi Introduces Grant Compliance Services to the Nonprofit Sector

New York, NY – June 28, 2019Due to a shift in the need for compliance for private foundations and other funders, Grassi & Co. is proud to announce that the Firm has added a Grant Compliance Services team to their NFP Practice. Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte, Principal, will lead the team and is based in the New York City office.

Our team of professionals will assist funders by ensuring their grantees are complying with the conditions of the grant agreement, review financial operations and grant reporting to assure that adequate controls and oversight are in place to meet the goals of the grant. These services assist funders, typically private foundations, by evaluating the programmatic impact of the donations to the nonprofits and their missions and help determine how and where the funds are specifically being utilized. These compliance reviews offer greater assurance to the funders that the grant programs are operating efficiently and successfully.

“Private foundations have increasingly come under fire for not adequately monitoring their grantees, often due to limited resources and personnel. Our grant compliance services help foundations address this gap, assess their own risk, and protect their reputations,” said David M. Rottkamp, Partner, Not-For-Profit Practice Leader at Grassi & Co.

Generally, foundations that pursue a grant monitoring program work with Grassi professionals to develop a compliance review plan and monitor the program on an annual basis, either using our resources as an outsourced provider or hiring us to implement the program and train their own staff to execute the compliance reviews and provide feedback to grant recipients.

“The services we provide include a risk assessment whereby we develop a program that is tailored to that private foundation’s risk tolerance,” said Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte. “In an industry where this has become an increasingly important issue, I am proud to assist so many foundations and other nonprofits mitigate their risks and drive success within their programmatic and grant-making strategies and goals.   These organizations make a huge difference to the recipients of their grant-making. My work further enhances that difference and provides the assurance that grant funds are used appropriately.”

Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte has more than 15 years of operational and organizational consulting and management experience and specializes in developing and performing grant compliance reviews, new business initiatives, and internal control reviews. She has experience in federal grant compliance, due diligence assessments, financial analysis and research.