On-Demand Webinar – Choosing the Right Qualified Retirement Plan in the Cannabis Industry

The right qualified retirement plan can benefit much more than your employees’ futures. It can also have a lasting impact on your cannabis business’s cash flow, tax strategies and financial success.

Grassi’s Cannabis Advisors and Axim Managed Retirement Solutions (AMRS) hosted a live webinar on March 25 to guide you through selecting the right qualified retirement plan and achieving maximum value for your employees and your bottom line.

Topics included:

  • Types of qualified retirement plans and factors to guide your decision
  • Legal considerations and structuring of a qualified retirement plan
  • Cash flow strategies and tax benefits of qualified retirement plans
  • Taking advantage of SECURE Act benefits when setting up a new plan

Making the right moves in the cannabis industry requires careful consideration of the unique options and challenges you face. Tune in to the recording to get the knowledge and advice you need to choose your qualified retirement plan with confidence.