On-Demand Webinar – Harness the Power of Technology: Building Success with Tech Strategy and Planning

Webinar presented by the Education and Research Foundation of the Better Business Bureau® of Metropolitan New York – Supported by Grassi

Whether your organization is looking to improve margins, increase operating efficiencies or identify potential risks, technology strategy and planning can help put your organization on a path to greater success.

On Wednesday, May 17, Grassi Partner and Nonprofit Practice Leader David M. Rottkamp and Technology Consulting Partner Hassan Khan joined the Better Business Bureau® Foundation of Metropolitan New York for a live video session on the most effective ways for nonprofits to utilize technology to advance their finances, fundraising, programs and more.

Topics of conversation included:

  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned
  • Discussing the present state of technology
  • Planning strategically for the future
  • Mitigating threats to security, revenue generation and innovation

Access the session recording to learn technology strategies to improve your organization’s operations and bottom line.