On-Demand Webinar – Healthcare Industry Insights: Vital Access Provider Funding

In response to the distressed state of many healthcare providers, New York State has included significant funding for the Vital Access Provider Program in its FY 2023 budget.

As providers and facilities await the release of funding applications, Joseph Tomaino, CEO of Grassi Healthcare Advisors, and Bryan Fryer, Grassi Nonprofit Consulting Principal, helped to provide the insights needed to chart a successful course of action.

On Thursday, May 5, our advisors hosted a live video session discussing:

  • Overview of the Vital Access Provider Program for NYS
  • Review of eligible provider types
  • FY 2023 funding and status of anticipated application process
  • Strategies and best practices for preparing your facility to apply for funding

Access a link to the session recording to get your questions answered and ensure you are headed in the right direction toward maximizing your relief funding.