On-Demand- HR Strategies to Attract & Retain Talent

Workforce challenges are accelerating in today’s business climate – so should the HR strategies your nonprofit employs to combat them.

On Tuesday, May 9, Grassi’s Human Resources and Nonprofit advisors, David M. Rottkamp, Jeff Agranoff and Arianna Savoca, hosted HR leaders and EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants’ William Hussey and Kerry Connor, to discuss the latest employee recruiting and retention best practices for the nonprofit sector.

This live video session illustrated the ways high-performing nonprofits are attracting, retaining and advancing their workforces in a collaborative, rewarding environment.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Identifying innovative new benefits, including health & wellness
  • Embracing the latest technology platforms to streamline work processes
  • Creating diverse professional development and networking opportunities
  • Boosting your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Maintaining effective hybrid and remote work options

Access the session recording to learn how to connect and collaborate with your employees like never before.