On-Demand Webinar: What You Need to Know to Navigate 2024

A new year brings new regulations, standards, and best practices that executives need to prepare for. Grassi hosted an essential half-day webinar focused on updates that are critical to 2024 planning and operations. We brought together experts across areas like financial reporting, tax, and accounting innovation to help you get positioned for strength in the new year.

Session Highlights Include:

  • The latest standards in financial reporting including updates to lease accounting standards, consolidation guidelines, and allowances for credit losses (CECL)
  • 2024 tax update including changes to corporate tax rates, business deductions and credits, payroll taxes, and amendments from new legislation
  • How to innovate accounting departments through enhanced security protocols and systems, updated ERP software, strategic talent development, and outsourcing functions internationally

Click here to listen to the session recording and gain actionable insights for navigating your business in 2024.