Don’t lose vital relief funds to non-compliance or waste

When the tables are turned and government agencies are the ones under scrutiny for funding program compliance, administrators need confidence that their spending and processes are meeting all regulatory and legislative requirements.

With funding levels dramatically increased by the COVID-19 pandemic, infrastructure bill, natural disasters and other federal assistance efforts, many state and local entities lack the resources and knowledge to ensure compliance with unfamiliar spending rules and reporting requirements. At the same time, each new program brings additional fraud and risk concerns.

Grassi’s team of forensic accounting, audit and grant specialists lift this burden off administrators and staff by providing a wide range of services to ensure oversight and compliance of their federal grants, FEMA assistance, CARES Act funding and more. Our advisors are highly skilled in compliance frameworks, oversight programs, fraud detection, financial reporting, audit readiness and risk management.

Grassi’s Government Fund Monitoring services make it easier for you to serve your constituents during times of need. Don’t risk these vital funds with non-compliance or fraud, waste and abuse. Contact one of our fund monitoring professionals today.