Your healthcare organization – Transformed

For years now, underfunding, reimbursement challenges, tightening regulations and labor shortages have stretched healthcare organizations to the limit. COVID-19 compounds these stressors, making facilities even more vulnerable to financial, operational and reputational risk.

For example, as many as 10% of all skilled nursing facilities were at risk of insolvency prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and these numbers are expected to rise as the outbreak continues and long-term effects are realized. Without a clear strategy for cost management, revenue generation and financing, any facility is susceptible to rapid performance decline.

Our multi-disciplinary performance improvement approach leverages the science of data analytics and the art of healthcare industry experience to develop innovative, impactful and results-driven solutions.

Performance improvement helps with:

Resource Utilization
Costs / Utilization
Control costs through a rigorous cash and vendor management program, while aligning expenses with occupancy and revenue.

Value Realization
Revenue / Market
Improve revenues through identifying new revenue streams, maximizing existing ones and analyzing clinical program effectiveness and revenue cycle integrity.

Capital Rationalization
Financing / Funding
Access financing options through current lenders, new funding sources and merger opportunities.

The path to achieving these goals begins with a thorough operational and financial assessment of your organization, augmented by a proprietary database of costs, benchmarking metrics, Medicare claims and other business Intelligence tools to provide an accurate picture of your business performance. The process results in your customized Success Plan that lays out clear 12-week action plans to progressively transform your organization and create a path back to financial and operational health.

Offered exclusively by Grassi Healthcare Advisors, performance improvement services are delivered by highly experienced specialists in healthcare operations, revenue cycle and clinical performance and are customized to meet the unique challenges your facility is facing. Transform your healthcare organization through better data, innovation and change management strategies.

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