don’t leave any compliance to chance

Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC (GHA) supports organizations in achieving and maintaining effective compliance programs.  Medical providers and healthcare organizations that achieve such effectiveness in compliance not only meet the associated regulatory requirements, they also enjoy appropriate reimbursement for the services and care they deliver and a decreased likelihood that they will lose revenue because of payer audits and take-backs.

In addition to revenue compliance plan assistance, GHA also is prepared to assist healthcare clients with development and implementation of:

  • HIPAA Security Plan
  • HIPAA Privacy Plan
  • OSHA Safety Plan for medical services

Our approach to compliance engagements follows our consulting formula of data analysis, innovation, and transformation.

Step 1: assessing the overall policies, procedures and training, and conducting a risk assessment of the organization tailored to the area of compliance being reviewed—revenue, information security, privacy, or safety; after the risk assessment is completed a customized work plan is developed

Step 2: mapping of current compliance processes and comparing to industry best practices, and then recommending new best practice process innovations to improve the compliance program

Step 3: transforming the organization in order to ensure continued success.  This is accomplished by training governance and staff who will be responsible for leading the compliance program, and leaving them with tools for continuing to monitor and improve processes

GHA provides compliance advisory services for providers across the healthcare continuum—hospitals, medical practices, community health organizations, nursing homes, home care agencies, hospice programs, etc.  Our team members also have subspecialty expertise in areas of behavioral health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, etc.

What is the value proposition of a compliance review?

Conducting a compliance review and process improvement project offers two key value propositions:

  • Development of a compliance program that helps meet associated regulatory requirements
  • Prevention of pay backs upon payor audits

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