When it comes to the technology systems running your healthcare organization, it is not only external cyberattacks that pose a threat. Some of the most significant areas of technology risk are hidden in plain sight within your organization.

Grassi Healthcare Advisors helps you identify and address areas of vulnerability that are keeping your organization from optimizing its technology to mitigate risk, streamline operations, improve patient care and comply with industry regulations.

Our Healthcare Technology Services include:

System Selection

Whether it’s an existing system or new implementation, it is critical to ensure you made the right choice. Choosing the wrong system can have far-reaching effects on your organization’s ability to meet value-based care, compliance and clinical standards.

Our healthcare technology specialists are skilled at assessing IT systems, measuring their effectiveness, reimplementing underused technologies and recommending new systems that will help your organization reach its financial and operational goals. We work closely with you to understand your organization’s requirements and ensure our solutions are tailored to its current and future needs.

Clinical Communications

The full potential of an individual system cannot be realized if it is not properly connected to other systems in a cohesive IT infrastructure. Grassi Healthcare Advisors maximizes the effectiveness of your clinical technology and data by aligning the flow of communications across the continuum of care, including nurse call, patient monitoring, staff assignment, paging and other systems.

If your staff is struggling with multiple logins, un-synced data repositories or inconsistent financial metrics across platforms, our advisors can help you create a more seamless and inter-connected multi-system environment.

Resource Planning

When selecting a new system or assessing a current one, many organizations underestimate or misjudge the resources they will need to implement and run the new technology. Our healthcare technology specialists leverage decades of industry experience to give you the full picture of resources required to implement a new technology or make more efficient use of an existing one.

Cost Modeling

The costs of new systems and dedicated resources to run them are major factors in your decision-making process. Grassi Healthcare Advisors can make this decision easier with a full breakdown of expenses you can expect in the implementation, planning, training and ongoing management phases.

Facilities Planning

A major component of any capital project is the technology infrastructure that will support it. Our healthcare technology advisors can create a full “playbook” that maps out your system selection, procurement, implementation and placement plans for new construction and outline the ongoing management that will be required to ensure its successful adoption and long-term effectiveness.

Cybersecurity Planning

One of the most common ways cyber criminals attack is through employee error. Grassi Healthcare Advisors can help you implement cybersecurity policies, procedures and training to increase employee awareness. Our professionals can also conduct a privileged access assessment to ensure that secure data can only be accessed by employees whose roles require it.

Risk Assessment

We also help healthcare organizations perform risk assessments and ensure compliance with complex industry regulations. If vulnerabilities are detected, our healthcare technology specialists work closely with the client to select vendors and bring their systems up to compliance with HIPAA laws, NIST guidelines, PCI standards, CARES Act requirements, cybersecurity protocols and other industry regulations and best practices.

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