Patient Care Ombudsman (PCO) for Compass Medical, P.C.

The United States Trustee has appointed Joseph J. Tomaino to serve as Patient Care Ombudsman (PCO) in the bankruptcy case of Compass Medical, P.C., East Bridgewater, MA. As PCO, he will monitor the quality of care at the facility and make regular reports to the Court, providing a voice for patients in the bankruptcy proceedings.

The PCO will visit the facility regularly and interview patients and staff.  If a patient, family member, or staff have a concern, please call Joseph Tomaino at 212-223-5020 or click here to submit a concern and you will be confidentially contacted.

A report will be filed with the Court every 60 days and will be posted on this page.

First PCO Report

Second PCO Report

Ombudsman Letter to Patients (8/14/2023)

Ombudsman Letter to Patients (9/13/2023)

Ombudsman Letter to Patients (10/6/2023)