Transform your business model to achieve value-based care

Providers need to transform business models from provider-centric to patient-centric, while constantly pursuing operational efficiencies and productivity. In the accountable care era of reimbursement, medical providers and healthcare delivery organizations are being pressed to transition from fee-for-service reimbursement with a focus on volume, to a value-based reimbursement with a focus on achieving high-quality outcomes with controlled utilization and reduced cost. Our healthcare experts assist clients in understanding and managing this complicated and high-risk transition.

The paragraphs below describe the building blocks needed by providers and organizations to navigate this transition, along with the services we provide.


It is imperative for providers to know their internal performance metrics as well as analyze external claims data.

We assist providers and organizations with access to analytics that are needed for their operational success as they assume risk, including clinical care management data and claims and expense data.

Care Coordination

Providers need to build innovative care delivery models that focus on population health to reduce utilization and costs while achieving desired outcomes.

Grassi provides consulting services to help providers develop population health strategies using analytics data and focusing interventions on improving their health status.  Also, we help build effective care transition and utilization strategies across the continuum using care navigation, tele-health, and other modalities. We help providers build models to achieve their quality incentive goals.

Operational Effectiveness

Providers need to transform business models from provider-centric to patient-centric, while constantly pursuing operational efficiencies and productivity.

Grassi provides consulting services to help providers become more patient focused (e.g. development of settings with improved access, patient portals for health data and communicating with provider, etc.). Also, consulting to control service utilization, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

Risk Management

As providers transition through this evolution, they need to understand and identify their risks at each level and take appropriate steps to mitigate.

Grassi provides consulting services to assess provider risk at each stage and heat map/prioritize areas needing mitigation.  We help providers and organizations understand these risks and develop risk mitigation plans.

Information Technology

In addition to electronic health record and support of the above mentioned analytics, providers need to employ digital technologies to augment population health strategies.

We provide strategic information services and technology planning to help providers and organizations anticipate the hardware and software they will need to address their future business needs.  Assistance with vendor selection and system implementation is also provided.

Financial Modeling and Planning

Providers need to understand the measures of success and monitor their financial performance under each phase of the transition.

We assist clients in understanding the underpinnings of each phase and establish metrics to be monitored against benchmarks and targets. Implement performance dashboards. We also can support providers and organizations with submission of proposals for innovation projects, or to participate in bundled payment programs and accountable care organizations.

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