Moving the Quality Needle in Single Audits

Single audits are constantly being reviewed by regu­lators, peer reviewers and funders. As a result, areas such as improper use of the ma­trix of compliance requirements, lack of in­ternal controls testing, poor documentation, sampling errors, incorrect major program determination and other issues consistently arise. On top of all of this, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is causing additional challenges for auditors in their ability to fully execute audit procedures.

At this year’s NYSSCPA Nonprofit Conference, David M. Rottkamp and Vanessa Punzo of Grassi’s Not-for-Profit Team will discuss these common audit quality issues and how to avoid them in your future single audits. They will also delve into strategies for performing single audits during the pandemic and the new guidance and deadlines recently released by the OMB.

If your nonprofit or clients expended more than $750,000 in government funds last year, you won’t want to miss this critical conversation and more. Click here to register.