Eligibility Guidelines for New NY Transformation Grant

Acute care hospital providers in New York State (NYS) have a new grant opportunity that provides vital capital funding for emergency department transformation.

The NYS Department of Health (DOH) has allocated $200 million to the Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program to support capital projects that facilitate “health care transformation activities.” To be eligible, the applicant must be a general hospital operating an emergency room that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Serves as a Level 1 trauma center with the highest volume in its region
  • Includes the capacity to segregate emergency room patients who have communicable diseases, trauma or severe behavioral health issues
  • Provides training in emergency care and trauma care to residents for multiple hospitals in the region
  • Serves a high proportion of Medicaid patients

If you are a New York State acute care hospital provider and would like to learn more about this grant, please contact Grassi Healthcare Advisors for assistance with determining your eligibility and maximizing the effectiveness of your application.

Not an Acute Care Hospital?

If you are not an acute care hospital provider or don’t meet all of the above criteria, it is still a good idea to proactively identify and prepare for projects that may qualify for future transformation grants. Contact Joseph Tomaino, CEO, to learn more.

Joseph Tomaino Joseph Tomaino is the Chief Executive Officer of Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC and has nearly 40 years of healthcare management experience working in the not-for-profit, for-profit and government-sponsored segments. As a chief executive officer, chief nursing officer, consultant, and educator, Joseph has worked with provider organizations and payers across the U.S. as an architect of value based care -- improving clinical effectiveness along with... Read full bio

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