uncover the full potential of your nonprofit board

The Board is essential to a nonprofit’s sustainability, but how effectively are your members contributing to the strategic planning and financial decisions that will help you achieve it?

Grassi’s nonprofit professionals help you answer this question with strategies, tools and guidance to help you measure and improve board engagement and performance. Our experienced industry advisors help you assess your current governance procedures and implement best practices for a greater impact on your organization’s operations, culture and financial health.

Our Board Governance advisory solutions can help you:

  • Select the right board governance model
  • Develop board guidelines and processes
  • Define board structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Maximize board engagement through enhanced onboarding, goal setting and communication
  • Implement annual board member performance reviews
  • Assess board member qualifications and identify critical gaps in skills and talent
  • Facilitate board discussions around finances, organizational culture, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Identify and address issues around board accountability and diversity

The Board should play a much more significant role in your nonprofit than monitoring and managing its financial resources. With the right governance in place, the Board can help your organization manage risk, respond to crises, retain employees and reach other critical goals.