On-Demand: Top 5 Findings from Grassi’s Construction Survey

On Thursday, August 19, Carl Oliveri, Grassi Construction Practice Leader, Robert Brewer, Grassi Architecture & Engineering Practice Leader and Ellis Talton, Briq Vice President of Customer Success, hosted a live webinar discussing the 5 primary findings from our Annual Industry Survey.

Topics of discussion included:

  • 2020 impacts to revenue and profit
  • Labor challenges
  • Job-site technology
  • The COVID-19 impact
  • 2021 and beyond

Access a link to the webinar recording to unlock information to benchmark your business and identify where your operational or financial experience may have fallen short of or exceeded the performance of your competitors.

To discuss how our findings can be applied directly to your business needs, please download a copy of our report and reach out to a Grassi advisor today.

Air Date: Thursday, August 19
Air Time: 1:00p.m. EDT