secure the relief your business deserves

In times of emergency, businesses and nonprofits often need to look beyond their normal sources of revenue and funding and take advantage of any public or private assistance available to help their organizations survive.

Making decisions around the selection, eligibility and application process for an assistance program can be complicated and burdensome on the business owner. Grassi’s Emergency Loan Consulting services alleviate this burden and help your business determine eligibility, meet application requirements and receive urgent funds more quickly and reliably.

Our loan consultants provide assistance with many federal, state, local and private programs, including:

Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans have been one of the most talked-about areas of business relief during the COVID-19 crisis. These low-interest, potentially forgivable federal loans are helping small businesses and nonprofits across the country get much-needed relief from pandemic-related losses.

With complex eligibility requirements, forgiveness terms and calculations, the PPP has also been one of the most confusing provisions of the CARES Act and Economic Aid Act. Grassi’s Emergency Loan Consultants help you understand, pursue and secure the PPP relief and forgiveness your organization deserves.

  • Assistance with completing PPP Application Form and Loan Forgiveness Application
  • Compilation of documentation to support applications
  • Analysis of current and projected workforce to determine impact on loan forgiveness
  • Workforce planning and modeling to meet forgiveness requirements for FTE headcount
  • Cash flow projections to plan and meet forgiveness requirements for spending PPP loan proceeds
  • Assistance with determining eligibility for PPP loan
  • Compilation of PPP loan application data and documentation
  • Documentation to substantiate certification of need for PPP relief funds

Economic Injury Disaster Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers low-interest, long-term Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) for small businesses and nonprofits in federally designated disaster areas. Grassi’s loan consultants can provide support or complete outsourcing services to help you evaluate SBA loan opportunities for your business, submit the application and documentation, and achieve the maximum amount of relief.

Not-for-Profit Emergency Assistance

Our Not-for-Profit specialists have expertise helping organizations apply for government and foundation grants, federal and local loan programs, and disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Healthcare Relief Reporting

Healthcare organizations that received and kept COVID-19 federal relief funds totaling more than $150,000 are required to submit a report to HHS at the end of each calendar quarter. Grassi Healthcare Advisors helps medical practices, MSOs, skilled nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations plan their spending, compile expenses and comply with these new reporting regulations.

Loan Consulting Services

Services are customized to meet your unique needs and complement your existing internal resources:

  • Review and/or preparation of application to ensure accuracy and identify deficiencies
  • Compilation and verification of supporting documentation, including tax returns and financial statements
  • Coordination with external service providers and Grassi’s internal specialists
  • Representation of your business to program administrators and government officials
  • Preparation of financial statements and financial analyses