Grassi’s Surety Advisory Board – Accounting Update: Leases, CECL & More

Construction companies today face a complex landscape of industry trends, evolving accounting standards, and economic uncertainty. Our Construction advisors are here to provide the clarity you need on key issues impacting the construction sector and your surety company.

Join the Grassi Construction Team for our 2023 Update on the Construction Industry webinar, when we will provide an in-depth look at the current state of the construction industry, accounting changes related to leases, and the new CECL standard.

Our Construction advisors will help you understand:

  • How rising interest rates, inflation, labor, and supply chain issues are impacting construction companies
  • Key aspects of the new lease accounting standard and how it is affecting financial reporting
  • What the CECL standard is, how it changes the allowance for loan losses, and its impact on construction lenders

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