HHS Announces Revised PRF Reporting Requirements

Following months of silence after the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) portal opened for registration in January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has finally released revised reporting requirements and deadlines for recipients of more than $10,000 in PRF payments.

Highlights of the changes include:

  • Providers can begin submitting their reports on July 1, 2021.
  • Recipients must report for every period in which they received $10,000 or more in the aggregate.
  • Skilled nursing facilities are now subject to the PRF reporting requirements.
  • Deadlines to use and report funds are now based on the date payment was received, as follows:

Chart detailing deadline to use funds







Calculations of eligible expenses and lost revenues have essentially stayed the same, as we reported on last year. The 12 required data elements are outlined in the updated HHS Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements.

For assistance with calculating, reporting and documenting your PRF payments, please contact your Grassi Advisor or reach out to David M. Rottkamp, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader, or Joseph Tomaino, CEO of Grassi Healthcare Advisors.

David M. Rottkamp David M. Rottkamp, CPA, is an Audit Partner and Nonprofit Practice Leader, at Grassi. David has over 36 years of experience providing audit and advisory services to the not-for-profit and health care industries. David focuses on organizations serving individuals with special needs, religious organizations, educational institutions, membership associations, social service providers, healthcare providers, foundations, and the arts and culture world. David’s technical knowledge allows... Read full bio

Joseph Tomaino Joseph Tomaino is the Chief Executive Officer of Grassi Healthcare Advisors, LLC and has nearly 40 years of healthcare management experience working in the not-for-profit, for-profit and government-sponsored segments. As a chief executive officer, chief nursing officer, consultant, and educator, Joseph has worked with provider organizations and payers across the U.S. as an architect of value based care -- improving clinical effectiveness along with... Read full bio

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