Meet Amanda Gallo

Why did you choose Grassi to start your career?

Coming into the public accounting world can be intimidating, but working at Grassi has certainly eased the newbie professional nerves. As an intern a couple years ago, I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to start my professional career as I was able to be client-facing, work on various aspects of client engagements and know the company was willing to invest in me and my career. I accepted the full-time offer and am looking forward to being a part of Grassi’s future.

What does your typical day at Grassi look like?

My day-to-day responsibilities include analyzing client-prepared reports, compiling the client’s business operations into financial statements, working with Grassi team members, and ensuring our services meet client expectations.

What makes Grassi different?

I believe Grassi’s culture and employees truly differentiate the company from other mid-size firms. The office dynamic is welcoming and light but still provides for the perfect environment to stay focused on getting work done. Grassi allows for the flexibility between office and remote work, which contributes to the company’s work-life balance they provide. Because of this work-life balance, I was able to pass multiple CPA exams within my first year, even during busy season, as well as dedicate time to the hobbies I enjoy outside of work.

What is your favorite part of working at Grassi?

Working at Grassi has been a rewarding experience as I’ve learned so much about business operations that I’ll be able to carry forward in my own life, while also bringing that knowledge forward in my career and passing it on to whomever I’m able to help.