make your next business move with confidence

Throughout the highs and lows of your business journey, the cash flowing in and out of your company should be the foundation of many important decisions you make. Understanding and managing this cash flow will help you develop and execute business plans more effectively.

Whether growing your business, planning your exit or responding to an unexpected event or crisis, our Cash Flow solutions help you move forward with confidence. Services include cash flow planning, forecasting, stress testing and benchmarking to help you project your financial future, correct deficiencies in your cash flow model, mitigate risk and position your business for long-term sustainability. Our cash flow advisors can also support creditor negotiations and legacy issues with investors, lenders and vendors and provide workforce management strategies to help you gain control over one of your business’s greatest areas of expense.

Before your next transaction, expansion, crisis response or other major business move, get an accurate picture of whether your cash flow will support or impede it. Grassi’s Cash Flow services are delivered by experienced CFOs, CPAs and business consultants who understand what it takes to keep your business growing strategically and profitably.