Trusted Support for Attorneys, Trustees, Executors and Guardians

At Grassi, our highly skilled Trust & Estate Administration team provides comprehensive Fiduciary accounting services to help Fiduciaries and Guardians confidently fulfill their reporting responsibilities. Our experts assist attorneys, trustees, executors and guardians throughout the entire process, ensuring compliance, transparency, and minimized risk.

Our Specialized Court Accounting Team:

  • Collaborates closely with fiduciaries, attorneys, and financial professionals
  • Provides court accounting reports, analysis, and summaries quickly and efficiently
  • Is proficient in Uniform Principal and Income Act by jurisdiction
  • Offers judicial and informal accounting report formats
  • Meets court-enforced deadlines with dedicated resources at all levels
  • Is proficient in using specialized court accounting software
  • Can download data directly from financial institutions
  • Creates accurate reports from incomplete or poorly kept records
  • Reviews and corrects accountings prepared elsewhere

Key Report Elements:

  • Financial inventory of assets, income, and expenses
  • Detailed schedules of all transactions
  • Proper allocation of principal and income transactions
  • Reporting of asset value changes and beneficiary distributions
  • Calculation of Trustee commissions either by state statute or as defined in specific documents
  • List of interested parties and creditors
  • Support for tax estimates, fiduciary income tax returns
  • Proposed distribution schedule for the remaining principal
  • Ensures transparency, legal compliance, and dispute resolution
  • E-file documents with respective Surrogate Court