Contractor Strategies for Maximizing Technology ROI

The investment you make in your construction company’s technology should yield generous returns in the form of cost savings, increased efficiencies, workforce retention and more.

Whether selecting, implementing or re-evaluating your systems infrastructure, maximizing the return on investment (ROI) requires making the right decisions at every step.

On Thursday, April 27, join Grassi’s Construction and Technology Consulting advisors and leading construction technology providers from Trimble Viewpoint and Alchemy Intel, Tom Brooks and Nathan Weise, as we discuss the industry’s biggest digital trends and strategies for making confident technology decisions for your business.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Underutilized features of ERP systems, construction project management programs, and accounting automation tools that can help boost your company’s efficiency, processes and bottom line
  • Planning and executing technology strategies in the office and jobsite
  • Tips for effective systems administration and risk management
  • Best practices for selecting and implementing new technology systems
  • Using your technology to generate the most accurate and timely data-driven insights

Developing an effective systems strategy that achieves your construction company’s financial and operational goals is critical to its success.

Listen to the session recording to learn how to put your company’s technology to work for your business and stimulate its long-term growth and success.