ERP Best Practices for Manufacturers & Distributors

The benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system have a direct impact on your customers’ experience and your company’s bottom line. This makes it one of the most important technology decisions you will ever make for your manufacturing or distribution company.

Join Grassi’s Technology Consulting and Manufacturing & Distribution (M&D) advisors on March 28 as we discuss best practices for ERP selection, implementation and adoption success. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Today’s leading ERP systems in the M&D industry
  • How to select the right system for your business needs
  • Best practices for an effective implementation
  • Maximizing operational and accounting efficiencies through an ERP system
  • Strategies to ensure post-implementation utilization and buy-in

Listen to the session recording to learn how your company can benefit from an ERP system and maximize your return on investment. For more information, please contact Hassan Khan, Technology Consulting Partner, or Anthony D’Agostino, Manufacturing & Distribution Principal.