Budget Building Strategies for an Unpredictable Future

Your company’s annual budget should be the backbone of its financial strength throughout the year. But a budget is only as effective as the strategies that go into building it.

Forecasting and developing a budget take on new challenges in today’s volatile and inflationary market, especially for manufacturers and distributors already plagued by the uncertainties of supply chain disruption and rising costs.

Go back to the basics – and beyond – with Grassi’s Manufacturing & Distribution advisors, Michael Violano and Anthony D’Agostino, as they present a live video session on best practices and new strategies for confidently building a budget in the face of unpredictability and increased risk.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Using SWOT and competitive analysis to aid in budget development
  • Ensuring alignment of operating plan and financial budget
  • Using contingency budget strategies to prepare for the unexpected
  • Planning proactively for inflationary increases, volatile interest rates, production issues and other potential impacts on the budget
  • Incorporating supplier and customer requirements into your budgeting strategies to deliver external value
  • Establishing processes that promote continuous improvement of budgeting techniques

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