Supporting your fiduciary role in and out of the courtroom

Grassi’s Trust & Estate Services Group is dedicated to helping individuals meet their unique wealth preservation and transfer goals. But it is our knowledgeable support of their attorneys, trustees and executors that ensures their wishes are ultimately fulfilled.

Our trust and estate specialists assist legal professionals before and during the probate process with expert trust accounting, fiduciary tax preparation, Surrogate Court filings and other services that help them increase transparency, achieve compliance and mitigate liabilities and risks.

Grassi provides a comprehensive range of trust administration, tax and advisory services that attorneys, trustees and executors can confidently rely on to navigate probate court and fulfill their fiduciary duties. Services include formal and informal accountings, collection of assets, tax compliance, post-mortem income tax planning, IRS controversy assistance and guidance on the administration of irrevocable trusts and other estate planning techniques.