Experience the Full Impact of An Effective ESG Program

Clients, employees and investors are increasingly expecting to see evidence of your organization’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Managing an effective ESG program provides a measurable and meaningful way to demonstrate your company’s ESG impact to all stakeholders and comply with overseas regulations.

Whether you are ready to take on a full ESG program or are just starting to consider it, Grassi’s ESG consultants can provide clarity and guidance. Our advisors are highly skilled at assessing a company’s readiness for ESG, selecting the right ESG framework, navigating the certification process, setting and monitoring performance goals, and implementing ESG programs that produce both qualitative and quantitative results.

Our ESG consultants will be with you every step of the way, from program development and implementation to reporting and communicating performance to stakeholders and regulators. We leverage the latest technology, automation and data analytics to measure your carbon footprint, community impact, transparency in governance and other ESG efforts. We help you analyze these results to identify key value drivers and continuous improvement opportunities.

Grassi’s ESG team is a group of multidisciplinary professionals who can align your ESG program with your company’s overall strategic plan and its existing accounting, tax planning, reporting, and marketing procedures. Contact one of our ESG consultants to learn more.